App provider comparison

The table below compares the features of Apps created for accountants and bookkeepers in the UK by the 6 principle App providers so you can make an informed decision about selecting one of them for your App project.

  • MyFirmsApp
  • Tax App Ltd
  • Mercia Group
  • Practice Track Ltd
  • Crosby Associates Limited
  • Tax Briefs Ltd


Track Record: Launched in 2012 and has made spectacular progress since then. It is their stated mission to become the best-known specialist App company, creating affordable, technology-driven solutions for accounting firms worldwide. They are passionate about putting accountants first and have developed pioneering App software to help them build and cement long-term relationships with their clients and prospects. They are part of the Insight Marketing Group with over 35 years’ experience in working with accountants. Have already created more Apps for UK accountants than all the other providers listed here, added together and have over 200,000 end-users.
App Quality: Early decision to specialise in bespoke apps for accountants and bookkeepers means they are market leaders and have excellent credentials as pioneers in-App technology. They produce distinctively designed Apps for accountants and have been approved by all the leading accountancy bodies in the UK. They are now also creating Apps for accountants in South Africa, Ireland, Australia and USA. The App content outstrips many of their competitors with many reasons why clients will want to use the App as the ‘go-to’ point of contact for any information related to finance, tax, accounting etc. Push Notifications make contact with clients very quick and easy to manage.
Pricing Policy: Flat monthly fee means there is no up-front loading for new App development.
Support: Full Feature App is available to try out free of charge. Once you have your own bespoke App, an impressive technical team means updates for new tax data etc is installed in-App within hours. They understand how important it is for accountants to communicate with their clients and prospects in the mobile arena using Apps and have many webinars which help accountants and bookkeepers understand how to get the best ROI from their Apps.
The Future: MFA has a clear development roadmap which is essential to maintain their position as the UK’s leading provider of Apps for accountants.

Tax App Ltd

Track Record: Started in 2010, so one of the early adopters of Apps for accountants but have failed to progress and do not appear to have launched any new designs or upgrades to their Apps for approximately 2 years.
App Quality: The 2 Apps available from Tax App (Standard and Premium) have a no frills, basic look and feel to them. The content is limited but balanced and at budget prices there’s a feeling that ‘you get what you pay for’. Premium version includes Push Notifications
Pricing Policy: Upfront fee plus monthly support charge - seems quite expensive for what are relatively basic Apps.
Support: Free sample App available for download. No further feedback available.
The Future: Difficult to see where they are going without substantial investment in new App technologies and the consequent learning curve.

Mercia Group

Track Record: Well known in accountancy circles as a training provider and have developed a tax-only App in 2 different versions, Lite and Plus. The Apps have good tax content, but no tools that help with client engagement.
App Quality: Well-designed Apps with essential tax content but little that will help the long-term client relationship. As you might expect, the Lite version is basic; the Plus version has more calculators but little beyond that. No evidence of new features being added to Apps recently.
Pricing Policy: Upfront fee plus monthly support charge - seems quite expensive for what are relatively basic Apps.
Support: TaxApp available to download on free trial. No further feedback available.
The Future: Mercia Group’s focus appears to be on basic tax Apps only with no real indication that they are developing more complex Apps which will help the long-term accountant/client relationship.

Practice Track Ltd

Track Record: Part of Wilmington Group, specialising in the development of marketing information for accountants and, in recent years, tax Apps. The Apps are basic (tax only) and based on a choice of 2 templates (Icon or List).
App Quality: Simple, basic tax Apps without any sophistication.
Pricing Policy: Relatively high upfront fee for a basic tax App, plus a monthly fee.
Support: Launch pack available. No further feedback available.
The Future: You might get the feeling that Practice Track’s heart isn’t in-App development.

Crosby Associates Ltd

Track Record: Although they began developing Apps in 2010, their specialisation has been in personnel training and employee engagement, rather than accountancy. They have an impressive array of clients but relatively few of them are accountants/bookkeepers.
App Quality: Their accountancy Apps contain many good features but they have not kept pace with some of the other providers in terms of App development specifically for accountants and that seems to be reflected in some of the user interfaces within the Apps we have seen.
Pricing Policy: Upfront development fee plus monthly support charge.
Support: No feedback available.
The Future: Appear to be developing a niche in-Apps for employee engagement arena, so Apps for accountants may not be their No. 1 priority.

Tax Briefs Ltd

Track Record: Part of Centaur Media which specialises in the creation of newsletters, reports, guides and other material for accountants and finance professionals. Now offers a basic tax App as part of their overall package of material for accountants.
App Quality: Tax-only App with tables, calculators and tax tips. Very basic data.
Pricing Policy: Information not available.
Support: Small team with experience in dealing with firms of accountants but limited knowledge in developing Apps for them that will make a difference to the client relationship.
The Future: Unclear how much effort they are prepared to put into App development.

The following pricing structures are based on information currently provided by the suppliers online

Upfront charge Monthly cost
MyFirmsApp NIL £240
Tax App Standard £499
Premium £999
Mercia Group Lite £750
Practice Track £950 £25
Crosby Associates No data available No data available
Tax Briefs No data available No data available

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