New tool helps firms to win quality new clients

Winning new clients whilst embracing new technology that does much of the groundwork for you is something many firms aspire to. Now with this new tool you can do just that.

You can grow your practice, win new clients, generate more referrals and protect existing clients - without having to do a whole lot more.

In fact this new technology has been designed to help firms achieve more by leveraging things all firms do already.

Success you can emulate

In the video recording, leading presenter and well known author David Oliver, will share with you how you can use this technology and tool for your firm to generate a fantastic ROI.

You’ll also hear example after example from accountants who have launched their own custom App and the tangible ROI it has produced.

Please feel free to circulate this to others in your team, I've also got a particular idea that will help us get started together, which I'm excited to share with you.


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