Apps for larger accounting firms

If you are a ‘large’ firm you may believe that your own in-house team should be capable of creating your own App. Yet with all the constant changes in mobile technology, it’s never an easy option to take. Some have tried and most have failed to achieve the level of technical excellence they require.

That’s why it’s always better to talk to specialist App providers who have already created Apps for top 100 firms. They have technical specialists who have the latest mobile expertise to quickly build even the most advanced Apps using a tried, tested and proven platform.

Over the past few years we’ve heard a lot of stories of large firms trying the DIY approach to an App build. And it’s ended in a complete mess, with tens of thousands wasted on an attempt to develop in a highly specialist field. One firm spent over 18 months and £70,000 only to bin it and use a specialist provider.

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