Promoting your App – Making it work for you

Getting your new App is an exciting first step – If you go with the right provider the App will be naturally attractive and you will get clients and future clients to download it.

If one of your strategic goals is as many downloads as you can, then consider carefully the name of your App. There is a lot to be said for naming it something that people will search for. So rather than calling it XYZ accountants, why not think about calling it ‘Accountants in X’ or ‘Accountancy and Tax Advice’. More about naming your App including a free web search here.

What next?

Check with providers to see if they have an App Marketing Pack which will provide you with a suite of carefully developed, tested and proven resources to give you ‘on tap’ access to the very best marketing tools to promote your App.

After all, there’s little point in having an App if you don’t know how to make the most of it!

The Marketing Pack might include some or all of the following:

  • A suite of professionally written emails you can send out to clients and users
  • Professionally written letters, blogs and Push Notification messages
  • New website copy and SEO you can use to update your website about your App,
  • QR Code and Smartphone detection for your website.

These will save you hours reinventing the wheel and make sure you maximise the benefits of your new App.

3 creative ways to promote your App:

1. iPhone shaped flyers to promote your App – something physical to hand out.

One of the big benefits App clients have shared with us is the way the App positions you as a business. It’s not simply about having an App, or even someone downloading it. The powerful benefits experienced go far beyond that. It’s more about the impact and impression that having an App makes.

Simple things that might be overlooked can position you differently. Showing clients how to download your App via the Apple or Android store positions you as advanced. Showing prospects how to scan a QR Code can leave a lasting impressing with a prospect.

And because it’s an indirect promotion, you don’t have to ‘hard sell’ or ‘self promote’.

Instead you can have these iPhone-shaped App flyers printed, giving you something physical to give out in meetings, via the post, at networking events, exhibitions and other public events.

Your flyer, your branding, printed and delivered to your door.

MyFirmsApp offer these - So you can order your App flyers and their designer will be in touch with designs to sign off. Once approved, their website states “will deal with everything for you, including printing the items and posting them to your offices”.

More details – pricing and options available all here.

2. Screen cleaners AKA Stickems

Looking for an innovative and unique marketing tool that will get people talking and sharing your App?

Stickems reusable screen cleaners area a low-cost marketing tool, customised with your logo and campaign message. Ideal for giving away in meetings and at exhibitions, your current and prospective clients simply stick the branded cleaner on their device and carry it with them, advertising your company for you.

As we’re in the business of creating apps, we’re on our devices all day every day. We think these little promotional – give away are great.

Made from high quality microfibre cloth, Stickems clean fingerprints and dirt off touchscreen devices. Conveniently, Stickems’ static-cling underside adheres to the back of the device, without leaving any marks or residue.

Sizes, design information and pricing all here.

3. Smartphone detection on your website

How does it work?

More and more of your website visitors are using mobile phones or tablets.

It makes sense to capture those website visitors, and encourage them to download your own App.

Smartphone Detection does just that. Presenting a customised message to your visitor, telling them you have an App, and providing a useful method to get started (a download button which links directly to your App download page on the relevant store).

It's already working for others!

Peter Andrews from Kent Financial Management recently let us know about a great success story involving smartphone detection. A prospect found his website, saw the smartphone detection popup and instantly downloaded the App. An appointment was then booked and the App used to track the journey with the built in mileage tracker.

The appointment went ahead and a new client signed up.

More information available here

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