Why have an App?

Developing trust in business is a complex process that can take years to achieve – and be lost in seconds. But once secured it provides the ultimate competitive advantage for accountants in their fight to win and retain clients.

Traditionally, accountants have been seen as their clients’ most trusted advisors – always the first point of contact to discuss any financial issue. But in today’s 24/7 mobile world there’s a risk that accountants are losing that position, with hundreds of alternative sources of information available online with a few taps on a Smartphone. And it’s important to understand; Trusted Advisor status is not being eroded by poor performance or sceptical clients but simply through dis-engagement.

A custom App helps accountants cement their place in their relationships with clients by the go-to anchor point in your clients’ and contacts’ always-on, mobile world.

That’s not all. The App will also help you to:

  • Win quality new clients without you having to work harder or longer.
  • Generate positive word of mouth referrals.
  • Differentiate your firm.

For time-strapped firms, Apps that provide ‘push notifications’ provide you with a unique marketing tool that gives you something to talk about and share with customers. More than that, it also gives you a new communication channel that’s far more responsive than email shots.

Some App suppliers also offer personal messaging to individuals and monthly automated messages.

Now is the perfect time to release your App

In this always-on, mobile world, your App is your clients’ 24/7 principal point of contact for everything connected to accounts, finance and tax. It modernises and differentiates your firm, making you more effective, more productive, more accessible and more profitable… while reducing your own personal workload. Better still, it allows your business expertise to be fully accessible – even when your office is closed.

Your App is:

  • The very best way to remain relevant and important to your clients in this new digital world.
  • A proven and successful marketing tool that differentiates your firm and attracts new clients. What’s more, you’ll find it generates more word-of-mouth referrals with minimum time and cost.
  • An innovative in-pocket resource that saves staff time. Answers to clients’ frequently-asked queries are instantly accessible in-App 24/7.
  • A brand awareness resource that makes your clients’ lives easier by providing shortcuts and automated responses to their most frequent interactions with you and links them into your firm rather than 3rd party vendors or HMRC, ATO etc.

The App is not just a symbol that your firm wants to remain relevant to your customers - it’s a tool that will impress both clients and prospects without getting you or them bogged down in technical detail. By putting you and your firm in control of the App ecosystem, it integrates all IT solutions, enables better communications, future-proofs your firm and secures your status as your clients’ most trusted advisor.

How Push Notifications keep you in touch with your clients

One of the most important features of your App is Push Notifications. These are simple text messages that help you communicate with your clients and contacts quickly and easily. You can send a message to all your contacts within seconds and because it ‘pings’ onto their Smartphone homescreen, rather than received as an email, it is always read. They have a 93% open rate which is far better than email and much more direct than a phone call. You will love them!

Here are a few compelling facts about Push Notifications:

  • On average it takes 6.5 hours for emails to be read. Push Notifications are read in 15 minutes. (Source: Zipstripe)
  • The open rates for push notifications vary from 30% to 60% and interaction rates run as high as 40%. In comparison, the average open rate for email is 20%, and the average click-through rate is only 5.4%. (Source: Xtify)
  • 6 months after receiving a Push Notification, more than 26% of users will still be using the App. (Source: Urban Airship)
  • Industry average click-through rates for emails are 10 – 15%. Push Notifications have 50% better open rates than emails and double the click-through rates. (Source: Constant Contact)
  • Push engagement rates for utility and financial services notifications (40%) are nearly four times higher than for e-commerce & retail notifications (12%). (Source: Kahuna)

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